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Hi there, my name is Jomondre and I’ve been an avid golfer for the past 5 years.

I was introduced to the game of golf at my 10 year high school class reunion back in the fall of 2009 and I was hooked. Actually, here are a couple photos from my first round ever. Wow, as you can tell, I had never had any lessons. Look at me…man what was I doing? Glove on the wrong hand, baseball swing, Nike running shoes, lol I have come along way if I don’t say so myself. But like a lot of new golfers, I’ll never forget that day. I hit a few really good shots and have been playing ever since.

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What did I shoot my very first round you might ask? A 136 on a par 72 course just north of Myrtle Beach, SC @ Brunswick Plantation Golf Resort in Calabash, NC. Being a 4 sport athlete in high school I immediately was intrigued by the challenge of the sport and by the fact that if my buddies could play this game, I knew I could too.

Why Did I Create This Site?

Since that day back in 2009, like many of you I might imagine, I tried everything in the book on my own trying to master this game and shoot lower scores. But I found myself stuck shooting a measly 105 everytime I went out, until finally one day I broke 100, and shot a 95 on a par 72 course in what’s now my home town of Atlanta, Ga. During this period of achieving my first goal of breaking 100 and shooting in the 90s on a regular basis, I realized the key to great golf…

  1. Learn the Fundamentals
  2. Practice Often
  3. Play Often

I created this site as a platform to share how I went from shooting 136 to shooting consistently in the low 90s. And how I’m transforming as we speak (December 2014) from shooting in the low 90s to shooting consistently in the 80s. I consider this the golf sweet spot for those of us that really love the game and don’t mind putting in just a little extra effort to shoot the scores that make our golfing partners envy us!

What I’ve found is that there’s one major difference in the golfers that shoot in the 100s vs. the 90s vs. the 80s and that is that they work on their game. Like any other sport that an athlete wants to succeed at, you have to fine tune your skills. But what I learned at least on my journey is that knowing what to work on, and how to work on it was what was missing. And that’s the gap that TheUltimateGolfBlog.com sets out to close.

What’s In It For You?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a weekend golf warrior that loves the game of golf and would love to shoot your career best. For you that could mean breaking 100. If you’re managed to get your game to the point where you’re consistently shooting in the 90s, you’d love to shoot in the 80s right? Well you’ve come to the right spot. I’m confident that the information I share here will help you reach your goal for your golf game.

So I’ve taken my personal experience, experience from other golfers in my circle, and training that I’ve been exposed to and package that up in a way that I know will help you become an ‘Ultimate Golfer’.

To Your Success,

Jomondre Frink
Founder of The Ultimate Golf Blog
Web: www.TheUltimateGolfBlog.com
Email: Jomondre@TheUltimateGolfBlog.com


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